Thin Threads

Posted on Jul 28 by Aaron Molitor from St. Louis, Missouri

Before I was introduced to MonaVie and Team, I was a wreck. My normal diet consisted of 0-1 servings of fruit and/or vegetables–per week. I would consume soda by the 2-liter bottle daily, sometimes more. My finances were beginning to [...]


No Longer About ME

Posted on Jul 19 by Chad Anderson from Windham, ME

Since starting Mona Vie I have learned to show gratitude in a whole new way. I use to complain about everything. I was basically saying, “This isn’t good enough.” I was always expecting more or better for myself. It took [...]

One of a Million Changed Distributors

Since becoming a Mona Vie Distributor, my circle of friends has increased while meeting numbers of people with the same faith who are truly interested in my welfare. Slowly, my family is starting to appreciate my passion for MonaVie and [...]

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You Are What You Eat

Since I now live in the United States and can no longer get fresh acai, I’ve been taking MonaVie to satisfy my need for acai. You are what you eat! I am happy to have my own home-based business which [...]

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Happiness and MonaVie

Hi, my name is Terrence Freeman. I have been a distributor for a year and five weeks, and it has been such a blast! It all started the week of Aug.13, 2009, when a very good friend of mine, Leandro Castellanos, [...]

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